Enigmatic new project Teser finally releases the highly anticipated new record "Duo", which is rumored to have been connected with Dirty South.

New project Teser releases new single “Duo”, rumored to be connected to Dirty South

An enigmatic new project named Teser has just released a brand new single called “Duo” after making its waves for several months. The track was first played by Kölsch as his ‘Demo of the Month’ for his BBC Radio 1 Residency show and gained more recognition after becoming the ‘Essential New Tune’ for Pete Tong’s own radio show. “Duo” is out now on Pete Tong’s record label FFRR Records.

The record possesses a combination of mind-boggling progressive house elements alongside hints of techno sounds. Driven by its striking synths and masterful melodies, the composition of this tune is nothing short of top-notch, especially with its blend of modern and old-school electronic music components. Additionally, its underground vibes make it suitable for any rave environment.

Upon its release, “Duo” has been rumored to have been produced by one of the industry’s heavyweights. Not much information is known regarding who is behind Teser, but with a couple of hints, the track may have been created by Dirty South. The Serbian-Australian producer once posted a video on Twitter that teased an unreleased track, which turned out to be “Duo”. However, Dirty South deleted the post a few days afterwards.

Additionally, based on Pete Tong and Kölsch’s comments on the track, it also hints at the possibility that Dirty South is the man behind Teser. According to Pete Tong, the record was done in the “Southern Hemisphere” and Kölsch revealed that he received the track from a producer based in Melbourne, where, coincidentally, Dirty South’s studio is located.

“Duo” is now available and you can download the track from Beatport here.

H/T: The Groove Cartel