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Check out Skrillex's Top 10 "Rules of Success" as compiled by author, entrepreneur, and YouTube content creator Evan Carmichael.

YouTuber Evan Carmichael compiles Skrillex’s Top 10 tips to success

Sonny Moore, or most notably known as Skrillex, is one of the biggest success stories within the entire music industry. From his early beginnings as a member of American post-hardcore band From First to Last to his triumphant career now as one of the music electronic dance music scene’s top producers, Moore has continuously risen through the ranks of this highly competitive business and his talents and hard work undoubtedly contributed to his prominence.

Getting your foot in the door of the music industry and becoming successful is difficult for any aspiring talent. From releasing a massive hit to performing in front of thousands of people at a major music festival, producers and DJs always seek to attain such goals to take their respective careers to the next level and gain notoriety for their work. Thus, as someone who had to go through a windy and challenging path himself, Skrillex has constantly provided tips for upcoming artists to achieve success in the industry themselves.

Author, entrepreneur, and YouTube content creator Evan Carmichael compiled ten of Skrillex’s “Rules of Success”, gathering footage from various sources including the American producer’s documentary ‘The Same Place‘. From keeping these rules in mind, Skrillex has not only succeeded as a DJ, but he has also reached tremendous heights with his music and from establishing his own record label OWSLA.

Check out the full list of tips from Skrillex and Evan Carmichael’s video below.

  1. Cultivate your own thing
  2. Express energy
  3. Don’t be afraid to fail
  4. Push the boundaries
  5. Take a leap
  6. Ignore haters
  7. Be focused
  8. Be an enabler
  9. Work hard
  10. Have fun with your mistakes

H/T: Dancing Astronaut