Martin Garrix & Ed Sheeran

ASCAP officially registers collaborative track between Martin Garrix & Ed Sheeran ‘Replay Rewind’

In 2015, Dutch DJ and producer Martin Garrix premiered his collaborative track alongside English singer and guitarist Ed Sheeran at Ultra Music Festival Miami. Unofficially called “Rewind Repeat It“, the brand new record created a buzz within the electronic dance music community, leading fans to highly await its release.

A couple of years following its debut, Garrix had unveiled that his track with Sheeran would not be released at that time due to various issues with the record label that prevented it from becoming signed and published. With this news breaking out, supporters of both Garrix’s and Sheeran’s were left disappointed after much anticipation.

Recently, it has been reported that Garrix and Sheeran have overcome the hurdles regarding the track’s release on the record label and thus, it may be dropping very soon. The production has officially registered under¬†The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP), and has been revealed to be titled as “Replay Rewind“.

According to ASCAP, Garrix and Sheeran are both credited as the track’s artists and BDI Music and Sony UK as the publishers. Aside from the details provided by the report, the official release date for the record, however, is yet to be announced and until then, all we can do is wait, but luckily not for long.

Source: EDM Sauce