Eric Prydz

Cirez D – The Accuser

Eric Prydz has returned to his Cirez D alias with a brand new track out on his very own Mouseveille label. The Accuser has been a bit of a staple in the Swedish maestro’s sets over the past number of weeks, and the news of its release came rather surprisingly to fans who are well aware of Eric’s usual secrecy regarding his productions.

Like somethings lifted straight from a deep dark journey, The Accuser another classic Cirez release. A moody, stomping techno track geared for the very early hours of the morning, this release sees Eric going down a sinister route with a harsh detuned riff which acts as the staple of the track.

The record sounds like it would really suit a set by the likes of Jeff Mills with its space age sound. As can be seen from various videos of Prydz’s Hï Ibiza residency, the track goes down a bomb with the crowds and is a real floor filler which works perfectly to take things up a notch and toward a bleak and heavy part of a set.

You can listen to a five-minute clip below from Prydz’s Soundcloud, the vinyl release also includes the Pryda remix of another classic, On Off: