Don Diablo Mom

Don Diablo is joined by his Mom on stage during his Tomorrowland mainstage performance

Don Diablo is a truly unique producer within the dance music industry, having been an unstoppable force over the years, excelling with his own releases while showcasing only the finest talents on his record label HEXAGON. Last weekend he returned to the Tomorrowland mainstage, where he yet again left fans spellbound by an impeccable performance, revealing his undeniable talent to the world.

During his set, he surprised fans by bringing his Mom out on stage, who was met by an echo of cheers from the huge crowd that had assembled at the mainstage for a truly monumental set. The moment was extremely moving, as Don Diablo opened his heart the masses of fans, as well as millions watching online worldwide. There are very few artists in the industry who would express their emotions so publicly, and when watching it back it is impossible not to feel the warmth of the emotional moment.

Thank you so much Tomorrowland, I wanted to share this special moment with this really special woman who gave me everything in the world, who taught me everything I know

Watch the incredible moment here.

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