After 3 long years, Headhunterz has made his long awaited return to Hardstyle with an epic performance at Defqon.1 in The Netherlands! Watch it here!

Headhunterz makes his triumphant return to hardstyle with “Destiny”

Thanks to the revolutionary efforts of DJ’s like David Guetta, the cultural phenomenon known as EDM has come to the very forefront of the music industry, taking a relatively specialized sub culture from the underground to the mainstream. This, in turn, gave relatively unknown sub genres a much-needed spotlight. One specific style that found a new voice amidst the revolution, was Hardstyle, a genre that arguably has some of the scene’s most extreme and loyal followers. Leading the resurgence into its current form, one man stood head and shoulders above the rest, a Dutch DJ born Willem Rebergen, better known to the world as Headhunterzand affectionately referred to by the hardstyle faithful as ‘Heady’.

The exceptionally versatile producer had long expanded his musical influences, to mixed reactions from fans. Collaborating with some of EDM’s most popular acts, including Dyro, R3HAB, Steve Aoki and former world #1 DJ, Hardwell. Headhunterz would go on to further explore his musical ambitions outside of hardstyle, going through a self-proclaimed period of ‘creative freedom’. The hardstyle icon had always been vocal with regards to his special connection with a magnitude of fans, sparking a frenzy of criticism following his departure from the genre.

While the crossover into a slightly more commercial sound certainly opened doors to a new fan base, Headhunterz seemed drawn to his roots, evident throughout the DJ’s social media presence. He eventually reached out to fans in a heartfelt message following his comeback set at Defqon 1 this year. Having now officially returned to the music that the DJ himself refers to as his destiny, Headhunterz has stepped up to the plate in a spectacular way, releasing a brand new slice of hardstyle heaven. ‘Destiny’ marks the Dutch superstar’s welcome return to what has always undoubtedly been his kingdom. The track features all the elements that fans have come to know and love, distortion driven kick drums, trademark triplet rhythms and a melody that is sure to drive deep into the hearts of so many. Not to mention a spoken vocal, that for all intents and purposes tell a very personal story between Headhunterz and his adoring fans.

A video for ‘Destiny’ has just been released which you can check out below: