Relive: Armin van Buuren’s trance reigns over Tomorrowland’s mainstage

Tomorrowland is the world’s elite electronic dance music festival, and Armin van Buuren continued his reign as the undisputed King of Trance at this year’s installment.

In an impressive hour-long set, the Dutch legend played his signature trance music with an upbeat twist befitting of the festival main stage, playing both new and old material. The DJ appeared in a joyous mood, enticing the crowd at the beginning to enter into his State of Trance and riling the audience up while clutching his country’s flag.

One of the set’s best moments was when Armin played ‘Stanga‘ by Sagi Abitbul and Guy Haliva, crafting a stuttering effect on the exotic vocals. Trance, by its very nature, relies on the melody and vocals to create an emotional journey in each track. Perfect then was van Buuren’s remix of Ed Sheeran‘s hit pop song ‘Castle on the Hill.’

He closed out his set with lasers washing over the audience, fireworks bursting into the air, and left the crowd in joyful spirits.

Relive his exciting set below: