Rezz – Mass Manipulation (Album Review)

Rezz’s Mass Manipulation is a pure masterpiece. The young Canadian pulls together an eight-track album that perfectly exemplifies her techno and bass blends that few artists can match. The strong third release on mau5trap proves that she is a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

Known for her dark tones and influences, Rezz’s newest album was inspired by the current state of society and how easily some can be manipulated. When asked about her influences, she states:

We consume heavily through the media, which, in turn, tries to curate our thoughts and dictate how we as humans are supposed to live and behave. This album plays off this idea and invites people to become hypnotized, allowing their brains to be manipulated by my music in the hope they might see things through a new perspective (perhaps an outer world viewpoint). One where everyone is free from the unrealistic expectations planet earth has drawn for them. A world of acceptance and hypnosis.”

Starting strong with the opening track, “Relax” sets the tone quickly, pairing an eerie speech with Rezz’s signature wubs that soothe the listener into a state of hypnosis. “Diluted Brains” steps up next with an intriguing beat, incredible drum work, and high note melody that belongs in a horror film. The entire track sends chills down your spine and drives the listener further down Rezz’s psychological hole.

The pounding bass of “Premonition” illustrates the Canadian’s dark techno influences from Gesaffelstein, heavily drawing from his style that moved dance floors and crowds for years. Consistently linked to the French master, out of the eight on the EP, this track demonstrates those connections the most.

Teasing the listener with its melody, “DRUGS!” quickly attacks with its bass, hitting with its reverberations and alien-like tones. Out of all the tracks on the album, this track continues to pull us back in for its second breakdown, returning once again to send listeners into a frenzy and hypnotic state.

The mellow opening of “LIVID” quickly gives way to a pulsating, up-tempo drop that shows off the producer’s versatility. Of all the sounds featured, this is the most unique and offers a fresh taste as a halfway point of the album.

“Green Gusher” brings the listener back in with its alluring tones. However, that gives way to a pounding beat accentuated by an old-school scratching effect. The penultimate track, “Synesthesia,” taps into a reverberating beat paired with a heavy bass for its incredible sound. Wrapping up the album, “Ascension” could not be a better track. The track closes the album with a bang, blending mellow elements with some of the hardest beats. The subtle off-beat switches through curveballs into every line and create one of the most unique records heard in a long time.

Mass Manipulation illustrates Rezz’s true production chops. Her incredible breakout year of 2016 seems to only be met with more accolades in 2017. With her world tour just around the corner kicking off this September, her show should not be missed.