Zhu becomes the face of Spotify’s rebranded playlist ‘Mint’

The mysterious Zhu who currently still remains anonymous, has now become the face of Spotify’s recently rebranded playlist ‘mint‘. Previously, the ‘mint‘ playlist was used to be under the name of ‘ElectroNOW’ but everyone at the Spotify Headquarters have decided to come to the decision of moving the project forward. Playlists play an important role in the music industry as it stands with many world renown DJs making their own, such as Dillon Francis‘ ‘Say Less Radio’ and Tchami’s ‘This Is My CONFESSION’. Playlists also can net upcoming artists tens and hundreds of thousands more views, giving the artist more exposure.

Austin Kramer, Global Head of Electronic, said the following about:

“The launch of our flagship electronic playlist, mint, represents the unique pieces of the culture and the global audience that lives and breathes it. Electronic music is incredibly diverse and ever-fresh, mint is the condition. Having ZHU a part of this launch was a natural fit as he embodies the culture, and has been introducing undeniable style. Once you see the videos on mint, you’ll get it. There is no turning back now for dance music on Spotify and in the industry.”

As the rebranding officially happened, a surprise 4 track EP created by Zhu was released and put into the playlist to launch the ‘mint’ playlist with a bang. The 4 track EP contains an exciting new collaboration between Zhu and the legendary Nero alongside 3 solid solo tracks.