Alan Walker

Alan Walker set to perform at Nobel Peace Prize Concert

20-year old producer and DJ Alan Walker has been on a roll throughout 2017, having released two chart-topping singles and countless remixes for artists such as Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars and Julia Michaels to name just a few. Now, the superstar DJ has been given a highly sought after role, as he is being tasked with performing at the 2017 Noble Peace Price Concert. The event is set to take place on December 10th at the Telenor Arena in Walker’s home country of Norway, so it will definitely be an incredible moment for the Norwegian DJ, as he takes the stage in front of millions that have supported him from the start.

Olav Njølstad, who is the director of the Norwegian Nobel Institute, spoke on having Alan Walker perform at one of the most respected events on the planet.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Alan Walker as the first artist for the 24th Nobel Peace Prize Concert. We have closely followed his rise to stardom are proud to welcome him to perform on this global stage in celebration of peace and this year’s laureate.”

Alan Walker joins some extremely elite artists, such as Elton John, Rihanna, Paul McCartney and Alicia Keys, who have been among those who performed at the Nobel Peace Price Concert since its inception. He also joins Kygo as one of the only electronic-based acts to play at the event, so fans will have high expectations for the upcoming performance. The supporting artists for the event have yet to be announced, but be sure to stay tuned as more information is released in the coming months.

Check out the official announcement below.