Autograf – Sleepless In NYC

It has always been more than just electronic music for the Chicago based-trio Autograf who continue to infuse their energizing sounds with a level of artistry. Feeling as though the electronic music scene became disconnected since turning mainstream, Jake Carpenter, Louis Kha, and Mikul Wing set about connecting the genre with visual art and fashion. Having remixed a string of prominent artists including Odesza and Pharrell the trio released their first original song ‘Dream’ and since then, Jake, Louis, and Mikul have gone from strength to strength.

Now the lads have blessed Armada Deep with their newest track labeled ‘Sleepless In NYC’. Prepare your ears for this glistening down-tempo track which still adheres to the future house sounds Autograf are likened with. Both peaceful and energetic, the track highlights their coveted production quality and design. Stunning vocals and a chilled vibe prove a winning combination for this intricately crafted track by the multi-instrumental act.

With their forward looking philosophy, Autograf look to revolutionize the world of electronic music. Their unique production abilities led them to design their own live show and stage installations, much like their production values in Andy Warhol’s pop art inspired party, showcasing some of the sculptures produced by the Chicago lads.

Keep an eye out for this talented trio as it won’t be the last time you hear about Autograf. Listen to ‘Sleepless In NYC’ below.