Los Angeles based singer and songwriter Betty Moon releases her brand new pop-infused electronic track titled "Demolate".

Betty Moon – Demolate

Toronto native Betty Moon continues her impressive streak of releases this year with another pop-infused electronic track. This time around, she astonishes her fans with the brand new production called “Demolate“, which is now available for download and streaming in various music platforms.

“Demolate” opens up with an vibrant introduction and maintains its flow of energy until the end. Alongside Betty Moon’s distinctive vocals, the catchy beats and chord progressions bring a lovely auditory experience for the track’s listeners. With the addition of the funky guitar riffs and intense drums, this record is an absolute must-hear for any music fan.

Based in Los Angeles, Betty Moon is rapidly becoming one of the industry’s most respected artists. This up-and-coming singer and songwriter has shown her versatility, using her influences from genres such as pop, alternative, and electronic music.

2017 has undoubtedly been a massive year thus far for Betty Moon resulting from the vast amount of support from her singles “Sound” and “Life is But A Dream”. Now with the latest release of “Demolate” and her forthcoming studio album almost on its way, Betty Moon’s success and rise toward greater prominence should only continue.

Last week, Betty has unleashed her album “Chrome” which features “Demolate” and another 11 originals, make sure to check it here.

“Demolate” is out now and you can download/stream it here.