Premiere: Blasterjaxx & Tom Swoon – All I Ever Wanted

Back and ready to tremble dance-floors with their brand new track, dynamite duo Blasterjaxx return with a collaboration that certainly displays their versatility. While the boys Thom Jongkind and Idir Makhlaf are synonymous with their thunderous big room drops and electro house tastes, their new track ‘All I Ever Wanted‘ exhibits a softer side to the electric pair. Now, teaming up with Polish DJ Tom Swoon, together the three have produced a glorious vocal anthem that emits emotion and feeling but still supplies enough energy to follow the massive dance movement.

‘All I Ever Wanted’ centers around powerful female vocals that glide ever so seamlessly across a glistening and heavenly intro. Reverbed synths flow in the distance of the track while a crisp trance arpeggio rises and heightens the senses of the ear-drum. Chunky piano chords and vocal harmonies pack the chorus as the trademark Blasterjaxx snare launches you towards the drop. A flavorful lead riff unfolds and fizzles an uplifting and energetic character as the kicks hammer away.

But ‘All I Ever Wanted’ leaves you wanting more, and it delivers just that with its second drop. Taking the sounds even higher through a second build up and a vocal pause before the drop, the ear-drums are again pummeled with the infectious beat of the song. The track is ready to ignite euphoria among crowds for sure.

‘All I Ever Wanted’ is out on Maxximise Records. Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments.