American DJ and producer C.A.L. follows up his successful track "IDGAF" with another house masterpiece in the form of "Lenox".

C.A.L. – Lenox

American DJ and producer C.A.L. has released yet another house masterpiece in the form of “Lenox“. As a follow-up to his highly successful record “IDGAF”, C.A.L. hopes to keep his momentum going with this absolute club banger.

Right off the bat, the track unleashes a high volume of energy with its monstrous beats and catchy vocals. Following the short introduction, “Lenox” builds up toward the heart-pumping drop, which is surely capable of lighting up an entire crowd.

The mid-progression bridges the two climatic sequences together into a well-oiled machine of a production and in conclusion, the final drop brings its energy and perfectly wraps up the overall track. With its superb house elements and top-notch quality, “Lenox” will look to dominate any festival or club environment in the next few months.

C.A.L. is a DJ and producer worth keeping an eye on, as his skills and creativity behind the booth and inside the studio are nothing short of remarkable. He specializes in house music, brilliantly fusing together old-school elements with modern sounds.

Alongside his several DJ mixes online, C.A.L. has also dropped a single called “IDGAF”, which has garnered a vast amount of support from fans across the globe. Now with the release of “Lenox”, his ascension toward greater prominence should only continue.

“Lenox” is now available for a free download here and you can check out the full track below.