Jeckyll & Hyde – Back In Time

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Beginning as a project from the successful producer Maarten Vorwerk, Jeckyll & Hyde rapidly grew up to be a huge success, kickstarting the Jumpstyle movement that conquered Holland and large regions of Europe. After a 10-year hiatus, Jeckyll & Hyde have returned with a brand-new Hardstyle track, ‘Back In Time‘.

The track is driven by gargantuan lead synths, arps and ground-shattering kicks. Jeckyll & Hyde make excellent use of reverb and panning in the breaks, to create room & space, further emphasizing the song’s gigantic stature. Furthermore, these elements help create the perfect build-up to what is a thunderous drop. The track is guaranteed to gain great support from DJ’s across the globe.

While fans know Maarten Vorwerk for his excellent individual productions, his alter-alias often goes under-the-radar. When asked in an interview about the return of his Hardstyle side-project, Maarten explained the following:

“Back in 2005 I started this alias ‘Jeckyll & Hyde’ which featured a more melodic type of jumpstyle. I had a few big hits (#1) in 2006-2007. Now 10 years later it felt right to go back on stage.”

Recently, Hardstyle has been making a massive resurgence within mainstream EDM. While Headhunterz announced his return to his beloved genre, Hardwell has been experimenting with Hardstyle, releasing a number of tracks. Now, it’s time for Jeckyll & Hyde to once again make its mark on the scene.

Listen to ‘Back In Time’ below:

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