Kölsch drops highly anticipated ‘1989’ album

Telling a story through the means of art, and particularly music might seem like a task rarely accomplished to its full potential. That being said, no heartfelt story truly captures endearing emotion, without being driven by an intensely personal connection.

A case that illustrates this beautifully, is one of this year’s most standout albums, a masterpiece called 1989, the third and final chapter to Danish megastar Kölsch‘s highly successful series of autobiographical albums. The highly revered trilogy kicked off with 1977, an album that marked the legendary producer’s first outing with German-based techno label Kompakt, which focused on the year of his birth. His debut with the label was soon followed by 1983, an album focusing on the year he turned 6, creating an almost  ‘scenic’  soundtrack to accompany his journey through Europe at the same age.

The Danish producer, known to his family as Rune Reilly Kölsch, began the trilogy in an effort to document his personal history in one of the most creative ways any techno producer could. Now in its final form, 2017’s release of ‘1989’ takes us deep into the heart of a teenage Kölsch, he explains the theme behind the album saying:

“a difficult time in my life, where I mostly just remember the greyness of it all – grey feelings, grey weather and my own grey face.”

The album continues in a vain that has become typical of Kölsch’s unique approach to techno, with just the right amount of grooving rhythm, solid bass drums and intricate melodies that set him apart from the run of the mill, cookie cutter formulas that fill the industry. The album is beautifully crafted, incorporating cinematic moments that tell a story which might easily have found its way into the art house cinemas of the early 20th century. These cinematic moments are accompanied through the incredible collaboration of the Heritage Orchestra for tracks like KHAIRO, LIATH (featuring a violin solo by Kate Robinson) and SERJI.

The album is available right now, through all good online portals.