German producer LYOD releases the official music video for his latest summer anthem "Run Away", which features the vocals of British singer Alex Lucas.

LYOD & Alex Lucas – Run Away

Niklas Heidkamp, or better known as LYOD, has just released the official music video for his latest summer single “Run Away“. Premiered via MixMag, the video takes the audience through an astonishing visual experience alongside the track’s mesmerizing and atmospheric sounds.

The video for “Run Away” was filmed at a former mountainside of coal mining in Germany and follows a story of a man running through various locations. At first, the protagonist’s intentions are unclear; however, as time progresses, it seems that he was running from himself after experiencing self-dilemma and confusion.

Speaking on his newest release, LYOD stated:

“In most cases, when you have the desire to just run away, the daily grind catches you again. You don’t get to move forward. Often you just want to get away because there is too much happening and you can’t focus anymore. In the end, you are responsible because you don’t confront your problems. You should take care of yourself by taking a step back rather then running away.”

“Run Away” is LYOD’s debut single in which he showcases his skills in delivering emotional tracks, filled with awe-inspiring melodies, dynamic beats, and riveting breaks. Alongside the vocals of Belgium-based vocalist Alex Lucas, this record is an absolute gem for any music fan and should see nothing but success within the next few months. Especially with its feel-good vibes and high-quality production level, “Run Away” should only expedite the Cologne native’s ascension toward the industry’s higher ranks.

Check out the official music video below and be sure to grab a copy of the track here.