AL Sharif-Hugh Carter-Z

AL Sharif & Hugh Carter team up for high energy track titled ‘Z’

Quickly becoming a staple stop for some top notch music in the industry, the rise of Groove Cartel Records has been one that has been surrounded by a dedicated community of artists and fans and, more importantly, hard hitting house music. Joining the ranks of releases now are California based producer and DJ AL Sharif and fellow producer and L.A. resident Hugh Carter with a stellar record titled ‘Z’. Featuring Manoa, the track follows in line with much of what we have seen from the production desk of AL Sharif, which includes his collaborations with Frank Nitty on ‘The Iberian‘ and Erick T. on ‘Triumph‘.

‘Z’ sees the two talented producers focus their energy on building a largely atmosphere based track which relies on its mellifluous melody and hard hitting beat-work to chalk up all the credentials of a hit. Building an almost palpable sense of a mountain-like anticipation, ‘Z’ stands at the helm of what producers mean when they say that a track should deliver to its build-up. Carved carefully with a rhythm to get any gathering going, ‘Z’ is undoubtedly one of the best works from the collaborators and if the attention that the track is receiving in the dance music circles is anything to go by, the two California residents have their work cutout and should built on this appreciation.

AL Sharif and Hugh Carter’s ‘Z’ is available for a quick download through this Groove Cartel Records link here.

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