CLMD ft. Justine Skye & Jesper Jenset – Never Wanna Lose You (Remixes)

Undoubtedly one of the better releases of this summer of 2017, erstwhile CLMD duo’s now going solo member Martin Danielle‘s collaboration, as he still dons the CLMD moniker, with Brooklyn based singer and songwriter Justine Skye and his fellow Norwegian rising talent Jesper Jenset, also a songwriter and singer for the collaboration, had been making waves across radio stations in Europe and overseas likewise. Titled ‘Never Wanna Lose You,’ the single is at the intersection of electronic music and pop at its entwined best. While the soothing and chirpy vocals from the Justine Skye and Jasper Jenset run the show for the original, it is the blueprint laid down by Danielle with his intricate detailing and upbeat beat-work that takes the track to another level altogether. What’s more is that now CLMD has decided to release not one, but two stellar remixes of the original – both of which feature on our YouTube channel.

The first of them comes from a place close to home. Oslo based producer Karl Fraunhofer, who is also the ‘better’ half of Norwegian electronic music duo Dortmund, takes on the original with much delight to deliver a breathtaking overturn of the track’s aspects. Laced with reverb, heavy synth work and a drowsy and enchanting rhythm that propel the original to a horizon beyond any mainstream production style. Innovative and focused on promoting his own sound, Fraunhofer’s remix is assuredly a study in how to re-imagine tracks and provide a rendition that is as much of the original as it is one’s own.

The other remix comes from Zurich based talent Gil Glaze, who pushes the original back into the mainstream with his remix. The Swiss DJ and producer, although on the rise among the ranks, is hardly a newcomer to the dance music scene – having performed alongside Martin Garrix and now on tour with The Chainsmokers. If the original was a work of out of the box thinking, Gil Glaze’s remix is a re-thinking of the original by transforming it into a trap influenced track. Laying down a perfect beat-work for the vocals from the original, Gil Glaze’s remix touches upon a very mainstream sound and he does ever so brilliantly to shift our attention to his production adeptness with a sober remix.

A combination of two strong and quirky remixes for the original, CLMD’s ‘Never Wanna Lose You’ could not have potentially asked for a better set of remixes for the original record.

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