deadmau5 and Attlas talk about the production process behind ‘Bad At Titles’

In a recent interview with Mixmag, Deadmau5 and fellow Canadian producer Attlas were interviewed about how the pair produced ‘Bad At Titles’ with questions ranging from how they chose the name of the track to the challenges they faced. When asked about how the collaboration came about, they responded saying that it came about pretty naturally due to their location as they revealed that they live within walking distance of each other.

Attlas revealed that he learnt a lot from watching Deadmau5 work in the studio, stating:

There were a couple of times where I would step back and he would mix my parts in. Certain moments I was really learning what kind of plug-ins he uses and what’s on his master channel.

Deadmau5 later revealed in the interview that everything that was used to produce the track was “in the box” apart from one synth, which was the Moog Voyager. Attlas added that he only used one synth called Zebra and said:

For all my synth parts it was the Zebra plug-in, which is what I use for almost everything if I’m not using a sampler. I used Zebra because I learned that one first. You get good at the first thing you learn. I don’t really think there’s an advantage to using a specific plug-in over another. If you’re good at one, that will be the best one.

Towards the end of the interview, Deadmau5 explained about how the name of the song came about and jokingly said

After we finished the track I asked Jeff (Attlas) to name it. He said, ‘I’m bad at titles’. So I said, ‘That’ll do’.

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