Up-and-coming producer Ludvigsson releases a deep and tropical house infused track titled "Love Lives On", which features Babz Wayne's vocals.

Ludvigsson feat. Babz Wayne – Love Lives On

Upcoming producer Ludvigsson is back with an astounding deep and tropical house infused track titled “Love Lives On“. The new single also features the vocals of Paris-based artist Babz Wayne.

Right off the bat, the track presents a stunning combination of melodies and synths that instantly brings out some goosebumps. Alongside Wayne’s striking vocals, “Love Lives On” provides a lovely listening experience and delivers an uplifting summer vibe right to its audience.

Especially with the vibrant climatic sequences, this record is unique and rejuvenating to hear from beginning to end. Overall, with its brilliant blend of deep house and tropical house elements and top-notch production quality, “Love Lives On” is a perfect tune for any dance music event and for any fan’s music playlist.

If there is currently a talent worth keeping an eye on, he would be Ludvigsson, who has begun his journey within the electronic dance music circuit. This producer’s music definitely speaks for itself, as it displays Ludvigsson’s creativity and versatility working with different musical elements.

A few months ago, Ludvigsson released the astonishing track titled “With Me Everywhere”, which gave him the momentum heading into his latest single. Now with “Love Lives On” under his name, Ludvigsson’s ascension to greater prominence should only expedite.

Check out the full track below.