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Martin Garrix

Julian Jordan & Martin Garrix’s “BFAM” turns 5 years old

Martin Garrix has proven himself to be one of the most illustrious talents in the electronic dance music scene. From his instant worldwide hit “Animals” in 2013 all the way until now, the youngster has jumped through hoop after hoop, breaking milestones and now standing tall as the number one DJ in the world.

Garrix’s long-time friend and colleague Julian Jordan has also made quite a rise in the industry, with iconic releases such as Slenderman, Rage, and more. The two producers have collaborated multiple times as well, with their most recent being a track titled “Welcome”. However, their biggest collaboration together, “BFAM” celebrates its 5th anniversary today.

Topping charts at over a whopping 2 million plays on SoundCloud alone, “BFAM” rose to become one of the hottest dance tracks of 2012. The track essentially kickstarted both Garrix and Jordan’s careers and still bangs to this day. Featuring the classic Garrix lead melody and a heavily electro-infused drop, “BFAM” quickly become a festival favorite.

Relive one of 2012’s greatest dance music hits here: