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R-You – No Going Back

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Up-and-coming talent R-You has just released a brand new single titled “No Going Back“. Featuring the most devastating bass house and trap sounds, this track is more than ready to light up any club or festival atmosphere in the future.

The track opens up with a melodic progression that builds up toward the first drop, which brings out an overwhelming amount of energy. With its deafening basslines and distorted synths, the climax surely packs a heavy punch and possesses the ability to electrify a crowd of any size.

The sequence repeats once again except with the addition of some vocals. Maintaining the same intensity, the concluding drop ensues and hits the listeners with its monstrous bass house and trap elements.

A San Diego native, R-You has proven that he is set to ascend as one of the industry’s brightest DJs and producers. Throughout his career thus far, he has already scored several gigs at local clubs in Southern California and his musical portfolio has been nothing short of impressive as well.

From his original production titled “Go” to his remix of The Weeknd’s hit “Starboy”, R-You has successfully shown his skills in the studio and he once more does just that with the release of “No Going Back”.

Check out the track below and you can download/stream it here.