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XYRONE releases ‘Hit the Bricks’ featuring John C. as part of 5-track EP

Switzerland based DJ and producer Xyrone has hit the road running with the release of his 5-track ‘Mishmash EP 1’ EP. The relatively new Swiss producer is looking to make his mark on the scene with the EP and has been showing great potential from behind the production desk – his ‘Robot Life‘ single is a standout production. And now the steadily rising mystery producer is back on the grind with the hard-hitting ‘Hit the Bricks’ track from his five-track EP – featuring John C. behind the vocals for all tracks but one.

Kicking off with a rather heavy and bass-driven intro, the Swiss producer hints clearly at the atmosphere of the track from the very get go. Relying on the excellent reverb laced vocals from singer John C., Xyrone lets the track develop into an Electro styled production with great attention to detail. A bit off the pace of the usual mainstream tracks, ‘Hit The Bricks’ sees the producer play around with the tempo and pitch to deliver a specifically sturdy sing along tune – showcasing his production style which goes against any and all pigeon-holing.

You can grab the EP on Spotify here.

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