C.A.L. – Rollin’ (VIP Mix)

C.A.L. continues his success with the recent release of his latest single “Rollin’“. Showcasing his highly impressive house sounds once again, the American DJ and producer has dropped yet another club banger that will surely enliven crowds all across the globe.

Building up with a combination of catchy vocals, shortened synths, and fitting claps, “Rollin'” delivers a vast amount of intensity right from the get-go. The track then rolls toward the electrifying drop, which brings a series of hard-hitting basslines and masterful house elements. Overall, with its top-tier club sounds and high-octane energy, this production is more than capable of lighting up any rave atmosphere.

Since entering the electronic dance music scene, C.A.L. has continuously proven his abilities to create high-quality content along with his incredible talents behind the DJ booth. His unique, signature sound impeccably blends old-school house elements with a more modern twist, making C.A.L. an absolute standout within the industry.

C.A.L. has gained prominence for his previous successful releases “IDGAF” and “Lenox”. Additionally, he has unveiled several of his DJ sets online, which has been getting a lot of attention as well. Now with the release of “Rollin'” under his name, C.A.L.’s career should only continue to ascend.

Listen to the full track below and you can grab a free download here.