Laidback Luke announces ‘Strictly techno’ set in L.A

Mixmash Records founder Laidback Luke will return to his roots in January 2018, where he will perform a ‘Strictly Techno’ set at Sound Night Club in central Los Angeles. Lucas, who performed two headline Techno-only sets at Eden Ibiza earlier in the year, left fans wanting more, hence the decision to treat his L.A fans with the same experience.

Taking place on January 12, 2018, the show promises to be an up-close and personal experience between the fans and Lucas. Luke, who is known for his genuineness and extensive knowledge of the EDM industry, is gradually making his way back into the Techno scene. Much like other older DJ’s in the industry such as David Guetta and Tiësto, Luke began his two-decade-long career far removed from the mainstage, making very different records from the saccharine-sweet productions he is known for today.

While Luke earned his stripes as a Techno DJ, he was “sucked into the mainstream”. Although EDM’s mainstream scene generates a significant amount of money, Luke believes that “there’s also a lot of ugly stuff”. In a 2014 interview with Thump, Luke explains his thoughts on DJing:

“I don’t really want confetti or CO2 cannons at my shows either. If it were up to me I’d play in a dark club with just a strobe light, because that’s where my roots are. But times have changed, so in my scene that no longer makes sense. “

Tickets to Laidback Luke’s ‘Strictly Techno’ show can be purchased here.

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