Spinnin’ Records cancels Tom Swoon release following fatality caused by drunken car collision

Last week, Polish DJ and Producer Tom Swoon was involved in a deadly car crash in his home country of Poland. The tragic event occurred when Swoon was under the influence of alcohol. Following the crash, he was immediately taken into custody by the Polish police department. At this time no official report from Tom Swoon has emerged. The local police report also claims that weather conditions at the time were rather rough.

Polish news sources reported that as a result of the incident, he will likely be placed in jail for the next 2 months. The legal consequences of the crime is reported to be marked as the minimum sentence being 2 years of jail time and a maximum of 12 -20 years in jail. The 24 year old DJ/producer was on track to release his song “Put Em High” featuring Therese on vocals. In light of the tragedy, it appears that Spinnin’ Records is holding back on the release until further notice.  The Polish DJ had multiple successful releases in the past few months including “Beside Me” with Tungevaag & Raaban and the mammoth track “Atom” with Israeli duo Teamworx.

With Spinnin’ Records holding off on his latest release, time will tell what is in store for Tom Swoon. You can catch the preview below.