The legendary ‘Axwell Forum’ will move to the new domain at the end of year

In 2018, we will see the “Axwell Forum” moving to new domain. First sources pointed out the closing of the forum, luckily admins managed to agree on moving the database. As the legendary forum always provides all the great news, discussions, and memorabilia around the community, we reached out to Ctirad Kolaja from the Czech Republic who has been with the forum since 2014 to see what he has to say on the matter.

1. As one of the forums biggest contributors, what effect would the closing have had on you?

Well, to be honest, I wasn’t expecting that. Axwell forum is a big part of my life and some of the members became my friends over the years. Together we attended parties and had really good times. To me, it was more like family. It was always great to share great music with them and find new music, so I would definitely miss that.

2. Throughout the time, do you have any memorable defining moments on the forum (huge release announcements, upcoming artists, etc )?

Back in the days when almost every Axtone release had its first play on BBC Radio 1 it was always nice to get back to the forum and discuss with the guys how the artwork will look like and stuff like that. Thanks to the guys from the forum, I knew about ‘Thinking About You‘, ‘Make Your Mind Up‘ and so on. They always kept their belief in these records. Every day you find something new. Lately, there was and I think still is big buzz and hype around one ID, which Axwell played only once during his set at the Axtone party in Miami. Nobody knows the name so we named it ‘Everyday ID’ according to the vocal in this record. Everyone including me sees this record as a return to the root sound of Axtone. It’s progressive, it’s melodic and it’s going to be a big release. Hopefully we will see it in 2018.

3. With the relationship you have to Axtone records and Axwell, what impact do you think the label and Axwell has had on the house music community as a whole?

Both Axwell and Axtone are some of the pinnacles of what you can find in house music. They have been around for over 10 years, and they are still at the forefront of the whole scene. For me, it’s not only the label but something more. I’m lucky that I can call the guys behind this label my friends, and they always have time for us. They are doing parties around the world, merchandise, and podcast. And for Axwell? Thanks to him and Swedish House Mafia they paved the way for this kind of house music. The kind that we love so much and what we live for.

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