The Trash Mermaids – Cryptic Love (Antonio Skyline Remix)

The Trash Mermaids‘ recently released collection of remixes for the track “Cryptic Love” features six incredible tracks. A remix worth spotlighting is the electro house-infused rendition by Los Angeles based producer Antonio Skyline, who has been known for his versatility and creativity.

Skyline’s credits throughout his career so far has ranged across many different genres of electronic music. He is also known for bringing the energy and the groove in his productions, which he does exactly with his brilliant new remix of “Cryptic Love”.

The remix impeccably blends the raw emotion from singer and songwriter Scarlett Blu’s striking vocals. Blossoming with high-octane energy, the track is more than suitable with any rave atmosphere and would be capable of enlivening an entire crowd.

The track begins with a minimal instrumental playing alongside Blu’s vocals, which continues to build up toward the first climax. With its heavy synths and fitting vocal chops, the drop surely presents a blissful vibe that would get any listener dancing.

The same sequence repeats, but only with a shorter concluding drop that perfectly wraps up the entire remix. Overall, with its high-quality sounds and well-designed progressions, this remix is an absolute must-hear production for any dance music fan.

Check out the remix below and the rest of the remixes for “Cryptic Love” on iTunes here.