Anderblast talk about latest releases, 2017 & new ‘Rambla Records’ imprint

A pairing who has seen their artist image and fan following rise significantly over the last few years in not only their home country but also all over Europe, Italian production duo of Anderblast have been making quite the wave across in the industry. As the Italian pair of Phill Guidetti and Ricky Lugli, who comprise the Anderblast persona, launch their brand new imprint Rambla Records, a lot more can be expected from not only their own output desk but also music from the producers that they are inclined towards promoting and bringing to the forefront – a possibility that undoubtedly excites the steadily increasing Anderblast fan-base – as they admit in the exclusive interview below.

Not letting the chance of such a landmark development in their career simply pass us by, we took the opportunity to sit down with the two Italians and get them to talk about their brand new label, the vision behind starting it and their latest release ‘Whale‘ – that happens to be the debut record on their Rambla imprint.

Congratulations on your new imprint ‘Rambla Records’. Could you tell us what made you open your own label at this particular time in your career?

Our main objective is to give space to emerging artists. We are so happy because thanks to the label, we have already had the chance to meet new talents, which you will hear about very soon.

Your latest track ‘Whale,’ which was also the label’s debut release is nothing short of a masterpiece. How did the track come to life and what were your inspirations behind it?

“Whale” was born of a desire to change direction, started from our previous single out on Size Records “Genesi”. In this track there are house music influences and something from the new techno scene.

Going back to the Rambla Records, what’s the overall goal? What visions do you have for it? Tell us a bit about your process of finding music that suits the label and the work involved. Also, how you manage to balance managing your own label while continually producing?

It will not be easy to constantly find new quality music, but not impossible. There are many young producers who deserve to be known. Our role with the label is A&R focused. Within our team we have a graphic designer and promoters. Our manager Riccardo helps us with logistic and bureaucratic issues. To handle all the work, simple. We’ll work day and night. [laughs]

With releases on Size, gaining support from big DJs throughout your career and now your new label “Rambla”, what can we expect from you as a duo next year? Do you have any interesting collaborations or releases you’d like to share with us?  Tell us a bit about your schedule for 2018.

Yes of course, 2018 will be so huge! Our next release on Rambla Records will be from Discoplex and No Hope. Discoplex is an Italian guy imported (sic) to bring his House & Tech House vision. His previous release was out on Juicy by Robbie Rivera(Armada), on Funkerman’s label and also HoTL Records. He is developing his own style built around techy (sic) and groovy flavours. No Hope are 2 guys from Barcelona so young (sic) but so talented. They have an underground sound, techno but with a really emotional touch. Together create “Acidground”. A pure techno killer track! We loved from the first listen. We’ll be released worldwide 15th Jan. You can find the preview on Rambla Records Soundcloud.

Finally, how would you summarize this year?

This was an amazing year for us. Our tracks was played by the biggest djs all over the world, in the best club like Pacha Ibiza by David Guetta (Mohave). Our tracks reached thousand people on Spotify. “Genesi” with Havoc & Lawn on Size records and our official rmx for latest Nari & Milani single “Come Back to Me” out in Italy and available worldwide the 5th of January. So it will remain an unforgettable year.

Check out the Rambla Records‘ latest preview below!