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Martin Garrix grants late fan’s dying wish

Widely regarded as the people’s DJ, Martin Garrix is held in high regard amongst fans and fellow DJs alike. His latest gesture supports that, after he granted a dying fan’s wish. Jonas Nesse, a 16-year-old producer from Norway, tragically died on Jan.1. He released his last song ‘Feel So Free‘ just days before his passing, hoping for his idol, Martin Garrix, to hear the song.

After his parents made their son’s wish public on social media, their post caught the attention of Owen Norton, an up-and-coming British DJ/Producer, who’d earned the support of Martin Garrix on a track of his own. In a gesture of goodwill, Norton decided to turn Nesse’s dream into a reality by contacting Martin personally and asking him to take a listen to the track. Garrix responded, leaving a beautiful and supportive message for Nesse’s parents, below.

Norton posted Garrix’s response on Facebook, hoping that Nesse’s parents would see the message.

“If anyone has a contact with Jonas Nesse’s parents, please forward this screenshot to them. I saw their post yesterday about the tragic passing of their 16 year old son Jonas where they spoke heavily about his love for Martin Garrix and his dream of Martin hearing his music. I would like them to know Martin now heard his latest work and sends this kind message. RIP Jonas”

Listen to Jonas’ final work below.

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