Premiere: Spinnin’ Sessions 243 – Curbi

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Spinnin’ Records can have no doubts about their 2017 being an illustrious year. After all, the label has had ample top notch releases in the past year, the artists on its roster have made a significant progress over the year and its weekly dosage of brand new Spinnin’ Records music under the Spinnin’ Sessions banner has presumably drawn more and more attention among fans and listeners over the year. And as people world-over seem evermore resolute and determined about the new year, Spinnin’ Records are no different as they begin 2018 on a high note, with Episode #243 of the Spinnin’ Sessions podcast featuring none other than the talented UK producer Curbi.

The sumptuous 2-hour mix begins its first half with the serenading release from Padé on KSHMR’s Dharma label titled ‘The Olive (In The Air Tonight)’, before tracks from the likes of GOLDHOUSE, Swanky Tunes, Going Deeper, AlieNation, T-Wayne, Trobi, Breathe Carolina, Sunstars and TJR & Reece Low move the mix towards the hour mark. The mix features Techmouse, The Tronix and Ingo Bergsen‘s ‘Note’ as the Spinnin’ Talentpool release, as they pip fellow competitors to that title. And while Mike Williams and Dastic‘s collaboration ‘You And I’ makes the cut as the Spotify highlight on the mix, it is KSHMR and Marnik‘s Sunburn Festival headlining collaboration titled ‘SHIVA’ that ends the first hour of the mix on a high note.

The second half of the mix, curated by the crafty Brit, sees him take a path more central to his own style and a few exclusive releases – all coming from his own production desk. Before ending the mix with his remix of Sidney Samson & Eva Simmons‘ track ‘Escape From Love,’ Curbi features a flurry of his own releases – among them, collaborations with Mesto and Hasse de Moor. Showcasing tracks such as ‘Shinai’, ‘Funki’, ‘Blow Up’ and ‘Rude,’ the second-half of the mix is pure Curbi madness – featuring his bouncy and upbeat style of production and a forward-looking focus on getting the dance floor crowds going.

You can check out more Spinnin’ Session mixes on Spinnin’ Records Soundcloud here.

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