Deep Divas & Sexycool

Deep Divas & Sexycools ft. Barret Crake – Rhythm Of The Night

Deep Divas and Sexycool have teamed up with Barret Crake to deliver a fresh new remix of ‘Corona’s 1993 hit-single ‘Rhythm Of The Night‘. Boasting a fresh new Deep House atmosphere, the three collaborators mixed the perfect blend of old and new, to give a classic Eurodance track a brand-new perspective.

Deep Divas is the son of the famous Checco Bontempi, (Lee Marrow) who gave the world numerous House hits in the mid 1980’s. He is best-known for his role as producer of the 90’s Italian band ‘Corona‘. He also ultimately decided to appoint Olga Souza as lead singer. The second collaborator, Barrett Crake is a talented singer from Capitol Records’ roster and has collaborated with the likes of Katy Perry.

Mike Lucas & Simon Beta make up the third collaborators on the track, the ‘Sexycools’. The two decided to form a duo following Mike’s graduation from college in the late 2000’s. They went on to release a hot string of successful singles and released official remixes for artists such as Twoloud, Danny Avila, Ron Carrol, Sterling Fox and Thomas Newson. Their most successful track, ‘Where My Heart Lives‘ was released on Cr2 Records and reached no. 8 on Beatport.

The track came together when the Sexycools were working on brand-new music in the studio. After finishing the drop and breakdown, the duo needed more help and contacted Deep Divas. Having access to the original vocals from ‘Rhythm Of The Night’, Deep Divas and Sexycools decided the vocals were a perfect fit. The inclusion of Olga’s vocals proved to be a success, with the track reaching no. 60 on the Spanish iTunes Dance chart and cracked the top 5 in the German DDP chart.

Be sure to listen to ‘Rhythm Of The Night’ below and purchase it here!

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