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Don Diablo opens up about his path to success and recent album ‘Future’

Just 2 months into 2018, Don Diablo already looks to be on track to make this year his best yet. After his album ‘Future‘ sent widespread ripples across the scene earlier this month, provoking a resoundingly positive response around the world, he has just finished his North American tour, and is due to head to Europe next month for another string of performances. On Friday, he sat down with Billboard for an in-depth interview covering a range of topics, from the process behind ‘Future’ to his diverse creative pursuits.

Speaking openly about the creative process behind ‘Future’, Don Diablo explained that he wanted to create tracks that didn’t fit in the same box as most dance music releases:

“I wanted to do a couple of records that were even more personal. I cant be making a song about going to the club or doing girlie stuff this had to be an album that came from within. I know that’s logical for most people watching or listening but I think with dance music sometimes it gets a little bit less personal.”

Throughout the whole interview Don Diablo remains sincere, discussing each subject with honesty and without hesitation. He goes on to discuss the path that lead him to where he is today, and the negative aspects of the industry:

“When I started this I always tried to destroy my career as hard as I could. Just spend all my money on a grossly-expensive music video or just do stuff where I thought nobody is going to like this and then boom it exploded again. I never really wanted to make music because this industry can get quite aggressive, and I’m a very emotional guy so sometimes my soul gets crushed, and I wanted to run away from this, but now we are this far I’m in this. What keeps me sane is the fact that I can produce and co-direct music videos, that I can work on other projects or work on film music or make a nice jacket.”

Take a look at the full interview below.

H/T: Billboard

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