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KSHMR teases his ‘The MVI’ side project with mysterious YouTube video

In today’s dance music industry many DJ’s and producers keep stressing the fact that they wish to have the freedom to experiment with different sounds and genres, without being judged for taking a sidestep and trying something new. Choosing an alter ego and releasing tracks under this moniker seems the right thing to do to avoid such criticism. None other than KHSMR is now joining the alias game – at least so it seems, going by a number of teasing posts about ‘The MVI’ on his social media channels over the past few days.

Great examples of top players in the alter ego field are Eric Prydz with his Cirez D, Pryda and Tonja Holma aliases, Sander van Doorn with Purple Haze, Armin van Buuren with Gaia (ft. Benno de Goeij), Martin Garrix with Area21 and W&W, who revived their trance productions lately as NWYR. In the footsteps of all of these fellow DJ’s and producers, Indian-American superstar KSHMR joins the game now as ‘The MVI’, even though some of his fans are still in doubt whether it’s really KSHMR hiding behind the moniker. A few fans even suggested it might be a movie the 29-year old DJ is teasing, because of the abbreviation The MVI…

Fans who paid close attention to Dharma Worldwide Music‘s YouTube channel though (KSHMR’s own music label), will have seen the video below, in which ‘The MVI’ is confirmed to be the new KSHMR side project. The video shows over two minutes of an ominous and somewhat mysterious track called ‘Save Me’. A day before, KSHMR also posted a short videoclip on Facebook, stating “Coming Soon….”, also unveiling ‘The MVI’ as an alter ego. We’re anxiously awaiting more news and the first full release of it in the near future, as the first minutes of ‘Save Me’ sound very promising.


Coming Soon

Introducing The MVI

Posted by KSHMR on Friday, February 9, 2018