Shapov’s breakthrough hit ‘Party People’ turns 3 years old

Russian master Shapov has churned out many unique pieces of music over the years, from electro-infused monsters to experimental trend-setters. All in all, the man is one hell of a producer. It must be noted that Shapov collaborated on the record with fellow Russian DJ duo M.E.G & N.E.R.A.K. However, this was Shapov’s first appearance on Axtone Records back in 2015 and the EP which also featured “Disco Tufli” was instrumental in identifying Shapov to the dance music community and lead to loads of support from all around.

Leading up to its release in February of 2015, Axwell & Ingrosso had been playing the record “Party People” consistently throughout their sets and live performances. Reflecting back on the media at the time, it was rumoured to be an ID from them. The DJ duo was in its infancy and they were constantly playing out new discovered talents and previewing loads of new music and new collaborations. You can single out “Party People” when you hear it, an absolutely mental lead line with a supremely powerful kick drum guide this record into the archives of electro-house’s most notable tracks.

This was one of the records that introduced Shapov to the world. Following it’s release, people came to respect and drool over the Russian moguls nifty studio work and ability to create wild, even eccentric sounds. As the producer behind bombs like “Everybody“, “The Way“, and “Vavilon“, he has gathered a hefty amount of supporters that are always eager to hear new material.

Relive Shapov’s and M.E.G & N.E.R.A.K’s “Party People” below, and try not to fall out of your chair.