Tiesto gives his insights into the future of the dance music scene

Undoubtedly going to go down as one of dance music’s biggest icons, Dutch megastar Tiesto knows the ins and outs of the industry like none other. With over two decades of experience as a global ambassador for dance music, he has seen and done it all – from collaborating with artists of the highest stature, to touring the world playing at the biggest festivals and nightclubs, to running his own Musical Freedom label, there is nothing that the Dutchman hasn’t done and achieved success in. Currently in midst of his Clublife tour around Australia, Tiesto gave his insights and opinions in to the past, present and future of the music scene in a recent interview with Inthemix.

One of the hotly debated topics at the moment is the crossover world of dance and pop, with more and more producers seemingly going ‘mainstream’ in the hope of gaining more commercial success. Tiesto is one producer who, whether intentionally or not, has seen some of his hits top the charts and flood the radio airwaves across the globe, so it was particularly interesting to get his point of view on the topic.

“I think some people in the dance music scene move too much into the pop world. I think it’s time to go back to the basics and just release great, banger tracks. Because that’s what it’s all about, when you play at a festival or you play in a club, that’s what people like to hear and that’s what I like to play – just great dance music.”

Check out the rest of the interview here, where he discusses residencies vs. touring, changes in the scene over the past 20 years, his current sources of inspiration, and his latest hit ‘Boom’.