Alchimyst open up about their sound and latest tracks ‘Deva’ and ‘Sutra’

Rising like the anthem-like sounds of their releases, Psy-Trance duo of Alchimyst are assuredly looking the part amidst Psy-Trance’s turn towards the mainstream. While the genre steadily makes its comeback into the lime light with a flurry of releases from the varied spectrum of the industry, the Alchimyst duo – comprising of David Hoerhager and Julien Descamps – are looking set to become one of the faces of the phenomena. And what’s more is that if their words are anything to go by, this journey is understood to get more and more exciting with each upcoming track release.

Having already captured and impressed the minds of Armada’s Trance fans with the release of their stellar and unique track ‘Deva‘ on the Who’s Afraid of 138? sub-imprint, the Alchimyst duo are also on the path to recapture and deliver the same success with their new track titled ‘Sutra‘ – which was first revealed by them in the exclusive interview below. Read on to find out about what we learned in our exclusive interaction with the production duo Alchimyst of regarding their origins, their future, their upcoming album and, of course, about their next release ‘Sutra’ on Armada Music’s Who’s Afraid of 138? label.

Hi guys, glad you could make some time to do an interview with us!

No problem! We love your organization and know that the We Rave You Community are some of the most informed and dedicated dance music followers today. We’re super happy to be here!

So, there’s been quite a lot of buzz in the scene about yet another upcoming release from you guys on Armada very soon. Is this an accurate statement?

Yes, this is true.  What’s funny is that we typically keep our projects tightly under wraps and for some reason someone leaked this one out a few days early!

Well we’re quite good here at finding out what’s going on in the dance scene and breaking the latest news. You were kind enough to share the track with us prior to this interview and everyone here at the office was completely blown away by how amazing this track is!

Well thank you! It’s always nice to hear that from people like yourselves who live and breathe dance music.

Could you please tell our readers a little more about the release?

Of course, the track is called Sutra and will be released on March 23rd on Armada Music’s Who’s Afraid of 138! label. It’s a song we wrote to truly capture the essence of what we believe the crowds have been wanting to experience on the dance floor for quite some time.

As you can imagine, we receive countless messages on social media, and our fans have been asking us to create a piece of music which peaks to euphoric bliss against one of our driving signature bass lines. A sound that is characteristically Alchimyst.

That sounds like this is something true dance music enthusiasts should all really be looking forward to hearing!

Thank you. Sutra is truly a labor of love for the fans to enjoy.

Music aside, how did the entire persona and pairing of Alchimyst come about?

That’s actually a great question. We met through a mutual friend that was a very prolific Trance producer in the late 90’s and early 00’s who’s now more into the publishing side of the business. He knew that we were both working on different projects and thought we would be a perfect match to work together.

Sure enough he was right because less than 2 months later we had our first single signed to Armada Music.

Wow, that went quick!

Yes, it was just the perfect fit at the perfect time. We couldn’t have asked for anything better.

So we’ve noticed that there’s a strong undertone of Spirituality and Mysticism in your art.

Absolutely there is. We believe that Trance and Psy Trance in their perspective elements, themselves have been proven to provide spiritual experiences in the appropriate settings for many people. We believe that when the right elements combine at the right time it has the ability to create an emotional connection unlike any other. Connections which can create an entire lifetime of memories.

‘Deva’ was a truly stunning release on WAO138 under Armada Music. Premiered by none other than Armin van Buuren himself, the track also received support from a lot of major artists. 

Yes, Deva really turned out to be very well received. We were a bit surprised to see that it went on to become Future Favorite on ASOT 839, and made it all the way onto the A State Of Trance 2017 Year Mix.

What was the idea behind ‘Deva’?

The idea for ‘Deva’ was to be create a musical mantra with the spirituality of the country of India in mind. Our process is always to start with a visualized concept for the track then serve that musical concept to the fullest extent with the most authentic elements we can provide, including featuring vocalists authentic to the country, which as you can imagine, very often takes quite some time to produce.

Amazing!  So how have you taken to the success of Deva?

Honestly, we’re just very happy that the track has resonated with so many people. When we see the messages come through it only motivates us to create something just as magical for our future releases.

Is ‘Deva’ the prime example of the unique Alchimyst sound or are we bound to expect some variations and innovations in the future?

Yes, we would characterize Deva as our unique sound. We’ve got many more tracks already in the works and some already delivered and signed to Armada. We also have a collaboration with one of our all time favorite Psy artists which we are absolutely thrilled about!

That being said, we find it almost impossible not to experiment and innovate blending different styles together to create something new and fresh. In fact we just finished a new track for our Album that blends elements of Techno and Psy-Trance together that we believe fans are absolutely going to really love.

Sounds like a full schedule! How would you describe your sound to our audience?

Those who listen will immediately understand how our sound connects with them at a core level. What’s very interesting is that through the exposure we received on Armada we’ve had so many people write to us saying they don’t typically listen to “Psy-Trance”, people coming from all different genres whether it’s EDM or House or Techno or Trance say that our music has instantly connected with them at a very deep level. It’s quite an experience really.

Is the upcoming Sutra release on Armada also expected to be similar?

Yes, and Sutra is going to be even more Euphoric.

Moving to what you guys listen to, what are the other kinds of music you prefer?

Obviously we are deep into Psy-Trance and Trance but we have a very wide range of music we listen to especially in electronic music. We believe it’s very important to pay attention to the unique characteristics that each genre provides. You never know what you might hear right? All it takes is one great track to make you explore a genre a little bit deeper to gain more appreciation for it.

This will be your first release for 2018. What are your current plans? 

This is our first official release for 2018, we have a few more singles coming out this year as well, but really the focus this year is to finish our first studio album. Something that is quite exciting and is starting to take shape quite well!

Fantastic! So where can our readers find you?

We’re most active on Instagram. You can also find us on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Awesome, thank you so much for your time today!

It’s been our pleasure!

The interview was done before ‘Sutra’ was released. ‘Deva‘ and ‘Sutra‘ are both available on Beatport through Armada Music now.

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