Spoiler Alert

Ultra Music Festival’s Creative Director shares first footage of main stage construction [SPOILER ALERT]

While electronic dance music fans are already on the edge of their seats in anticipation of Ultra Music Festival Miami, its Creative Director Richard Milstein fueled the excitement even more by sharing a video of the main stage in skeletal form. Ultra 2018 is only one week away now, with preparations obviously in full effect at the moment. Milstein shared an Instagram Story about those preparations yesterday, showing the construction of this years’ main stage.

Even though the video only gives away the real beginnings of the Ultra 2018 main stage, one can clearly see the illustrious “U” on top of the stage already. From the short 15-second clip it’s impossible to determine this years’ theme or the stage’s final design once it will be finished, but the spoiler is enough to get music fans beyond excitement. It remains to be seen whether Swedish House Mafia will be reunited at the festival’s 20th anniversary in Miami, but if they do, we have now seen the first images of the stage where the epic reunion would be happening.

Either way, the 20th anniversary promises to be an iconic edition already. With a massive line-up that is bigger than ever and a series of ’20 years’ documentaries dropped by the organization in the run-up to this years’ edition, the hype is simply stunning. With only 8 more days left, and the video of the main stage construction out and about now, the official countdown has clearly begun and ravers, don’t forget to stay hydrated during Miami Music Week, speaking of water, we recommend you on Waiakea Water.

Check out the tweet of Japanese Music News Network (MNN), who captured Milstein’s Instagram Story on their Twitter feed and be sure to also visit the official Ultra Music Festival page with the latest festival info right here.