festival 84

EXIT’s new “Festival 84” makes a mark on the winter festival circuit

The new member of EXIT festival ‘s festival family, Festival 84, that took place on the olympic Jahorina Mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 15th to 18 March, found itself among the winter festivals with the largest audience in the world, with over 20,000 people visiting. At the location of the 1984 Winter Olympic Games the flame burned again.

This time it was a festival flame, lit by the legendary Yugoslavian skier Bojan Križaj using the original Olympic torch. With this opening ceremony, as well as with its name, Festival 84 sent a message of peace to the entire region and reminded visitors from all Balkan countries of the accomplishments they are capable of, when they turn to unity and start cooperating.

At the altitude of over 1,500 meters, Festival 84 introduced hot international and regional acts, such as British hitmakers Sigma, legendary band of activists Asian Dub Foundation, Dutch DJ stars Joris Voorn and Patrice Baumel, Slovenian techno bard Umek, leaders of oriental house sound Burak Yeter and Mahmut Orhan, Russian hit duo Filatov & Karas, Detroit techno legend Eric Cloutier, German house master Sandrino, as well as the leading regional rappers Bad Copy, Frenkie, Kontra & Indigo and Sarajevo darlings Helem Nejse. The program was supported by a fantastic DJ team in which the players were Billain, Marko Nastić, Dejan Milićević, Mladen Tomić, Siniša Tamamović, Black Acid, Vanyano, Kristijan Molnar, After Affair, Woodie, A Skitzo and many others.

Check out the winter festival below and find out more info here.


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