Fargo – My Heart (feat. Bodhi Jones)

Italian up and comer Fargo is back with his brand new single ‘My Heart’ alongside vocalist Bodhi Jones. Having already produced a string of impressive solo progressive and electro releases in the past, including ‘Who Do You Long For’ and ‘We Don’t Have To Say Goodnight’, as well as his monster collaboration with Olly James ‘Tiga’ back in 2016, his latest offering may just be his best one yet. We hope to be hearing a lot more from this talented youngster, because if this release is anything to go by, he is certainly one to keep an eye out for in the future.

Bringing together a rich melodic focus alongside a harder hitting electro edge, ‘My Heart’ exemplifies Fargo creativity in the studio and sound design skills in emphatic fashion. Consisting of ever-evolving synth work and club engineered beat progressions, Jones’ vocals add an atmospheric touch right from the outset, which creates an intense and energized atmosphere in the lead up to the dynamic and dominant drop. Breaking down again subtlety before its bridge, the track is bound to send everyone on the dance floor into a frenzy when it kicks into gear.

Be sure to add ‘My Heart’ to your party playlists below.