KSHMR responds to the accusations of pre-recorded set at Ultra

Whilst Niles Hollowell-Dhar has been deeply involved in the world of music production for many years – long before he began his KSHMR project, in fact, but he is still relatively new to the world of DJing. It is extremely rare for someone who has been DJing for all of two years to be regularly playing to crowds upwards of 10,000 dance music lovers, but KSHMR is one of the few exceptions. With his skills in the studio earning him millions of streams online and various chart topping singles, it is no surprise that he became such an in-demand name at the world’s biggest festivals.

There was been much debate about DJs pre-recording sets (check out Afrojack and Laidback Luke’s interesting recent debate on the topic here), and with his recent performance at Ultra Miami becoming one of the highlights of the festival, some fans online were speculating whether or not KSHMR’s set was pre-recorded. The ‘House of Cards’ hitmaker took to Instagram to squash these rumours and clear things up, where he posted the Rekordbox screenshot of his tracklist with various edits and shortened versions in the order that they were played on the Ultra Mainstage. The fact of the matter is that many mainstage performances will have some degree of pre-planning done beforehand, and many of the transitions will have been either practised or done regularly prior to the show, but the DJ is still mixing live in front of the crowd. And for what its worth, the crowd at Ultra responded great to KSHMR’s various hits and unreleased music.

Check out what he had to say as well as his Ultra set in full below.