KSHMR Rukes Live

LIVE: KSHMR brings the heat to Ultra’s mainstage for the first time

As one of the industry’s most respected pioneers, expectations ahead of KSHMR‘s mainstage performances are always exceedingly high. Having made a name for himself through his diverse arsenal of releases as well as his ferocious live performances, the American DJ/Producer has garnered a massive loyal following around the world. Now, after performing on the LIVE Stage and the Worldwide Stage in 2016 and 2017, KSHMR is performing on the Ultra Miami Mainstage for the first time ever.

Taking over after Dutch heavyweight Nicky Romero, the Dharma label honcho is ready to raise the bar and put viewers all over the world into the perfect mood for tonight’s closing act. Expect some of his usual mainstage weapons as well as some fresh ID’s.



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