Nej!las impresses with her latest 2-track EP titled ‘The Event Horizon’

Another rising star to stem out of North America, Producer Jen Sal, who is better known by her nej!las moniker, is set to build on her past music and deliver a prime release. The Chicago based producer who has previously released tracks on ReverbNation Artist and Wolfrage Recordings, will now be heading to Tecknofonic Recordings for the release of her first EP titled ‘The Event Horizon’. The 2-track EP features ‘Harder Than Steel’ and ‘Transfixed’. Having already established herself as a producer who is single-minded about taking Techno to the next level, it would only be honest to admit that nej!las is truly following the philosophy behind Techno’s – and to an extent even Electronic Music’s – rise as an art form.

An artist committed to the goal of bringing an originality to her understanding of Techno and to create music as if it were being played live, nej!las’ work is breath of fresh air amidst the mainstream. Termed ‘dark’ and ‘esoteric’, nej!las’ production style can be perceived to shed those tags and prefer to take the recourse of a standalone melody entwined with thorough and reverb-laced drum-work and percussion. But as generic as that definition sounds, the true beauty of the simplicity lies in her ability to innovate in terms of her production – the 2-track EP being a stellar testament to that ability.

The EP kicks off with the serenity of ‘Harder Than Steel’, which sees nej!las found the track on a melodic and dreamy layer of synth work before the vocal snippets distract the listener away from the masterful vibe that builds in the backdrop. The snappy percussion work does give a hint of what’s to come before the track breaks in order to deliver an even more powerful mid-section. All in all, an adept production, to say the least, from a producer who’s been writing her own music since age of 8.

A faster production when pitted against the first track, ‘Transfixed’ is all about the pace and Tempo from the get go. Showcasing the often remarked about traces of Trance in her productions, ‘Transfixed’ is the perfect compliment to nej!las’ versatility behind the production desk. Donning a liquid sound in its entirety, the EP is ably capped off by the second production with hints of anticipation and excitement. It is surely safe to say that ‘The Event Horizon’ EP is a solid undertaking into understanding not only the production quality of nej!las but also what it means when one says that ‘a musician possesses a distinct philosophy of sound’.

You can pre-order ‘The Event Horizon’ EP on Beatport here. Stream the EP on Spotify here.

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