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Okay(K) – We’re Empty When We Aren’t Full

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Providing the perfect track to your lazy Sundays, Okay(K) has just released his latest single ‘We’re Empty When We Aren’t Full’. Taking his chilled hip hop production skills to the forefront, the mysterious producer has been steadily growing his fanbase with exemplary releases including ‘Sunday Forgettable’, ‘Preach’ and ‘Inyn’. His newest release blends different sounds and inspirations from R’n’B, hip hop, reggae and dancehall to create a feel good vibe right from the outset.

The track is chilled and down-tempo, isolating a sensitive vocal layer throughout that gives the breezy track an emotional edge. Flittered with a fun, tropical touch, the infectious bass line brings a new level of funk that merges 90’s influenced hip-hop with a few essential organic elements. The catchy, rhythmic percussion adds a nice touch, overall highlighting Okay(K)’s fine creativity in the studio and making ‘We’re Empty When We Aren’t Full’ a track to remember.

To make things even better, the track is now available here, so be sure to grab your copy below and add ‘We’re Empty When We Aren’t Full’ to your playlists.