Rob Green – Ima Balla (Yah Kob Remix)

Danish Producer/DJ Yah Kob has delivered a tantalizing Trap remix of Rob Green’s ‘Ima Balla‘. Boasting a diverse sound, Kob has crafted a more Future Bass-inspired sound, as opposed to the experimental, mid-tempo sound he’s tampered with in previous releases.

The track opens up with a slow low-pass filter before Rob Green’s vocals first appear. Behind the vocals, listeners can hear a smooth sub-bass, low-level wobble synth, clean drum samples and subtle vocal chops, giving the first verse a whole, full sound. Following a short build-up, the drop arrives and is met with a thundering 808 kickdrum and dirty, yet crisp lead synths sharper than a knife.

Following the Future Bass-driven drop, the second verse sees the inclusion of a flute alongside Green’s vocals, while rapid hi-hats and a triangle+snare sample retains the track’s original Hip-Hop roots. The pre-chorus follows the same structure as the first verse, before transitioning to the emphatic drop listeners love, however, the second half of the drop possesses a new inclusion, with pitch-bending pluck synths replacing the track’s signature EDM synths.

Be sure to listen to Yah Kob’s remix of ‘Ima Balla’ below and purchase it here.

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