Despite recent blunders SoundCloud adds new scheduling feature

Over recent months SoundCloud has been in a downward spiral. Between many impressionable DJ’s and artists dealing with copyright issues and most recently, downgrading audio quality from 128kbps to 64kbps, the platform hasn’t been receiving much praise. However, despite its recent blunders, SoundCloud has added a new preemptive feature allowing it’s Pro Unlimited users to schedule posts in advance.

For the touring DJ or artist, this feature seems like a wish come true, giving artists the ability to not worry about those pesky privatized tracks and constantly fiddling with those privacy settings. Also, with the platform rapidly expanding in the podcast and radio market, advance internal scheduling is a unique feature without involving major distributors, meaning it will work wonders for podcasters and radio hosts with monthly or weekly shows.

New SoundCloud scheduling feature

The platform may be taking a step forward with this feature, however, they still have a major problem to fix in their copyright policy. Recently, up and coming producer Cray took to Twitter regarding SoundCloud and their copyright policy in a tweet.

Coming from a producer on the rise, these are some incredibly serious issues the platform as a whole needs to fix. Especially as 2018’s festival season rolls around and sets are becoming uploaded on a more frequent basis, at the rate SoundCloud are going this is something they cannot afford to lose more DJ support on.

However, as SoundCloud attempts to remain relevant and work on their pre-existing issues regarding copyright in the ever-expanding world of streaming, keep your eyes peeled for more unique features to come from the platform. Learn more from SoundCloud who provides more information on their new scheduling feature here.