Susana & Neev Kennedy – ‘The Promise’ (Remixes)

When popular dutch trance label Amsterdam Trance Records was launched in 2011, the vision of label boss and longtime trance producer Raz Nitzan was clear: a label dedicated predominantly to uplifting trance with outstanding vocals. With legendary trance vocalists like Susana, Sue McLaren, Ana Criado, Neev Kennedy and Sarah Lynn (to name a few) releasing regularly on the label, it has more than lived up to the expectations of many trance fans all around the world. The label has managed to build up a very dedicated worldwide fanbase and always manages to deliver high quality trance productions.

Now, almost 7 years after the first release saw daylight, Raz Nitzan decided to celebrate the 200th release of the label in style with something special that had never really been done before: a collab between two of the best trance vocalists out there in the scene, Susana and Neev Kennedy. The original version of “The Promise” was released in December of 2017 and is an emotional anthem that tells the story of two friends who, unknowingly from each other, reminisce about their friendship and uphold the promise to never forget. With both progressive and uplifting elements included in the track and the smooth vocals of both Susana and Neev Kennedy performing at the top of their game, the euphoric production became one of the most successful releases on Amsterdam Trance Records last year.

To keep the party going, a brand new remix package of “The Promise” has been released this week, with remixes by renowned Russian DJ/producer Bobina and young talented Estonian producer Kaimo K. The Bobina remix adds a great progressive flow and melody to the tune, while Kaimo K increases the amount of BPM, turning te track into an even more uplifting banger than the original already was. Both remixes are brilliant masterpieces on their own, so check out the Bobina and Kaimo K remixes of “The Promise” by Susana and Neev Kennedy down below.