Tony Sixx

TELYKast & Basko – Driving (feat. Sammy Adams) (Tony Sixx Remix)

Miami native Tony Sixx has dropped his debuted release; a remix for three very high profile acts. Alongside Ryan Dominic and The Simple, Tony had the privilege of remixing TELYKastBasko and Sammy Adams‘ single, ‘Driving‘ via Hiiigher Records. With the original being a radio-friendly Future Bass track, Tony had the chance to give the song his own twist.

The track opens with a muted guitar and reversed chords, joined by the original’s main vocals. Cymbals then enter the mix alongside the lead synth melody as it gradually ascends through the build-up and into the drop. The drop opens with blasting lead synths following a similar chord progression to that of the original’s. However, after just 2 bars, the Progressive House sound is replaced by a bouncy Future House bass, before the Progressive House returns for another 2 bars. While the description may sound somewhat messy, the mix is quite the opposite.

Having produced under an alternate alias; T600, Tony had just the one release, his remix of Shiba San’s ‘Okay’, accumulating 25,000 plays, before making the full transition to his new persona. Now fully embodying his new alias, be sure to keep a close eye on Tony Sixx in the future.

Be sure to listen to Tony Sixx’s remix of ‘Driving’ below and purchase/stream it here.

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