Steve Aoki Hardwell

There’s a Steve Aoki & Hardwell collaboration in the works

As of lately, Steve Aoki has been track testing a brand new collaboration and its receiving close attention from fans of the American prodigy. Yet to unveil the track’s title, Aoki confirmed the collaborations fellow architect was none other than EDM heavyweight Dutchman Hardwell. It came during his live set performance last February in Philadelphia when Aoki dropped the new track in the intro of his set. “This is my new track with Hardwell” the electronic producer belted which caused ecstatic pandemonium among the crowd.

Luckily for us, someone has kindly uploaded the audio of the track from Steve Aoki’s set and you can now listen to exactly what Aoki and Hardwell have been cooking in the studio. From what we have heard so far, it is Bassy, turbulent and out-right in your face with its popping layered synths and a mean bassline.

It is only a matter of weeks before Ultra Music Festival is upon us and which could fall right in time for an official release on this monster. Coupled with Hardwell to play a headlining slot at the festival, We could be hearing this collaboration across the stages in Miami later this month. Check out the recording below and let us know in the comments what you would name this track?